Mariska de Kok (1966) lives in Katwijk aan Zee and she paints realism. Her specialty is portraits where emotion is essential. She is fascinated by the person and emotions behind the “mask”. “When there is time enough to observe the model, there is always an interesting story to be discovered and visualized”. Over the years, many persons have been portrait-ed by Mariska.

The last couple of years since her relocation to the sea side village of Katwijk she has been painting on the beach more frequently. These paintings are mostly seascapes and still lives. Painting “en plein air” has increasingly become her passion.  You can find Mariska every day on the beach.

Expositions of Mariska have been numerous. Many of Mariska’s painting have found their way to proud owners in various countries around the world like Belgium, Germany, Spain and even Australia.

Mariska has been painting all her life and is constantly educating herself. Se has participated in Masterclasses from leading painters like Sam Drukker, Bert Osinga, Jim Harris, Carola Schapals, Natalia Dik, André Krigar, Ernst Voss and Vittorio Roerade.

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